7 Ways To Call Internationally Faster

7 Ways to Call Internationally Faster

Getting connected to people internationally can be a sometimes frustrating task for many people. Whether you are making a business call or trying to get in contact with friends and family, making international calls should be as quick and easy as making a phone call to a friend down the street. Here are 7 ways to help make it faster and easier for you to make international calls:

1. Discover How to Dial an International Phone Number with Your Provider

If you are trying to make an international phone call from your cell phone, the first step will be to find out how to correctly dial the phone number you are trying to call in order to actually reach that number. You can check on your service provider’s web site to find out the numbers you will need to dial such as a country code and a city or area code.

2. Find Out How Much Your Call Will Cost Before You Make It

This varies depending on which country to whom you are making your call. Read online to find out the cheapest way to make your call. For example, some countries may charge more to call a cell phone than a land line.

3. Find Out the Proper Dialing Process to Reach a Mobile Phone

Some countries have a specific dialing process for calling mobile phones as opposed to land lines. For example, you must add a “1” to the country code when calling a mobile phone in Mexico to ensure that you reach the correct number. You can find out if the country you are calling has these specific procedures online.

4. Consider Signing Up with a Plan Tailored to International Calling if You Do It Often

If you know that you will need to make international calls often from your phone, you may want to compare plans that offer a plan tailored to allow you to call internationally at a better rate.

5. Consider Using Prepaid Calling Cards

If you need to make a few international calls and want to do it cheaper without committing to an international calling plan with your provider, you can opt to purchase a prepaid calling card. This will allow you to make your calls at a better rate without committing to a plan or being charged extra fees if you go over.

6. There Are Internet Based Options to Call Internationally

There is a plethora of internet based calling services on the web to choose from. In most cases, you will only need your computer equipped with a microphone head set and an Internet connection to place an international call.

7. Read Up on VOIP Apps for Your Phone

You can make talk to people overseas right from your cell phone with a VOIP app. Do some research to discover the right VOIP app for your phone to make talking to people overseas quicker and easier.

Cost, Installation and Benefits of Business VoIP Phones

Modern businesses are trying to come up with solutions for saving themselves money on telephone communications. Each business must have a reliable telephone system so that consumers can call and ask important questions and inquire about products and services. Business VoIP phones are a solution that a modern business can choose. Many benefits exist with business VoIP systems. The following are some of the most common benefits that someone can get from using such a system:

Lowered Monthly Bills

A business owner who converts to business VoIP systems will be able to benefit from an extensive drop in the monthly bills for the business. VoIP service is some of the least expensive service in the industry. Many individuals and businesses are shifting to VoIP service because they are receiving a myriad of features and benefits for one low monthly price. Additionally, such people are receiving quality that goes far beyond some of the more expensive services that consumers secure these days. VoIP technology is advancing on a daily basis, and its clarity and consistency is only going to get better. Therefore, businesses could fare well by purchasing reliable VoIP services today.

Easy Installation

The installation of VoIP business phones is extremely easy. Some companies have services in which they provide phones that come readily equipped with the technology and the configuration to provide VoIP service. The business administrator simply has to connect the phones to a working Internet connection. The users can use the phones at work or at home. Supervisors can manage the accounts by using the web-based control interface to change the settings and so forth. Additionally, they can use the web portal to answer any important questions and concerns that may arise.

Finding the Right Business VoIP Plan

Vonage has a wide variety of plans that can meet the needs of any business or individual consumer. Vonage plans vary in monthly cost, business features, international capabilities and the like. For example, one plan may have features such a text messaging, faxing services, toll free numbers, answering service, call forwarding and the like. Another plan may offer free calls to over 60 different countries. The business owner would need to review the needs of the business closely and then select a plan that best fits those needs. Business VoIP can be a wonderful way for a business to grow and save money.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Long Distance Calling

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Long Distance Calling
Most people are paying too much for their long distance phone plans. According to industry experts, there are eight things that consumers do not know about long distance phone services. If you review this information, you can lower your phone bill dramatically.

Use VoIP

VoIP is a new technology that lets consumers make and receive calls on a high-speed network. Many consumers choose this service because it is very reliable and affordable. Buying a plan is also easy since many top phone companies offer VoIP services.

Service Bundling

If you have a number of services from one company, you should consider bundling your them. Consumers who bundle their cellphone service, landline service, and other services keep more money in their pockets.

Remove the Extras

If your phone service has a number of extra features, you should cancel the bungled service so that you can save more money. You can still keep any features that you need by buying them separately. This strategy can help you save lots of money each month.

Buy Unlimited Long Distance

If you make dozens of long distance phone calls every month, an unlimited long distance plan is the best solution. To determine your potential savings, simply subtract the amount of the unlimited service from your current phone bill.

Buy a Phone Card

Buying a long distance phone service is not a good strategy if you only make long distance calls occasionally. In this situation, using phone cards may be a cheaper option. The only disadvantage is that you will lose your minutes if you misplace your card.

Change Your Calling Plan

If your phone company has great customer service, you can probably lower your bill by adjusting your calling plan. Your calling history will determine if the company will reduce your bill.

Drop Your Pre-Subscribed Long Distance Service

If you eliminate your pre-subscribed long distance service, your monthly bill will be much lower. You can drop the service by contact your phone company’s customer service department.

Use a Prepaid Phone

If you make a lot of phone call overseas, a prepaid phone service is a great economical solution. Because pay-as-you-go phone companies have reduced per-minute rates, you will save more cash each time you use the phone.