The realization of a landscaping requires good thinking and above all, good preparation. So we spoke with Marlene Sanscartier, outdoor designer for 15 years and collaborator for Eco-Verdure for a few years, who explains how to do a successful landscaping.

Plan The Project In Advance

The more we take in advance, the less the impact of the temperature will be great.The good planning of your project will also allow you to achieve it by phase and to spread it over several years.

Understand The Constraints

Most municipalities have recently overhauled regulations related to urban planning and development. Certain laws governed by the Government of Quebec, such as the “Protection Policy for Banks, Shorelines and Floodplains” or the “Regulation respecting the safety of residential swimming pools”, may also have an impact on your project. In some municipalities, the development plan must be approved by the Planning Advisory Council (CCU) before being able to obtain the building permit. The UAC meeting usually occurs only once a month. A professional service will take care of all these searches to avoid any stop of building sites or fines of the city.