Even before designing your development plan, it is important to set an investment budget that should be around 15 to 25% of the value of your property. Beautiful landscaping greatly increases the value of your home, and makes it easier to resell if it is planned for the future. In the latter case, we must think of more standard living areas.

Find Inspirations

The inspiration stage is undoubtedly the most pleasant of the course; it’s the best time to know all the possibilities that your yard offers you! Have fun browsing with your family members for inspiration sites like Pinterest, but also for home- grown ones like Houzz and La Pi├Ęce (which is a Quebec-inspired platform). You will then be able to present an inspirational dossier that suits your tastes to the professionals you will be working with.

Choose Experts

Find professionals with whom communication is fluid because the connection is a guarantee of success. It is also important that listening to your needs is at the heart of your discussions. Do they understand the atmosphere you are looking for and how can they help beautify your life? Do they have the expertise and certifications to carry out your project?

Enjoy Your New Yard

All stages of a landscaping project are important, especially the last: enjoy your new yard ! A yard is above all a gathering place that will allow you to live and create memories with your family and friends. What are you waiting for to put a little love?