How Much Do Resin Driveways Cost

4 Factors that Affect The Cost of Installing a Resin Driveways

Have you been thinking of installing a new driveway for your home? Maybe you would like to replace the one you have, or it is the first time you are installing a driveway in your home. You have probably heard of resin driveways and have been impressed by the vast advantages. I mean, who would not like a driveway that is durable, low maintenance and flood-proof in their home, right?

If you’ve been hearing and studying about resin driveways and have considered installing one in your home, then the first thing to consider is how much the whole process might cost you. It is not possible to determine a standard cost for installing all resin driveways as each project is unique. Ideally, it is estimated that installing a meter of resin bound driveway should cost between £50 and £100.

However, there are far too many factors involved in the making of a resin bound driveway to make a definitive assessment of all resin driveways. Some of these factors include.

How much do resin driveways cost?

1. The choice and size of aggregate as well as the depth required

You will learn that the different types of gravel are priced differently. The factors that are considered in the pricing are color, size and whether they are natural or recycled.

The depth of the driveway is a key determinant of the cost of the entire process as it determines the amount of material needed. The standard depth for resin driveways is 18mm. However; this is highly dependent on the terrain of your compound and the anticipated use of the driveway. The anticipated use mainly refers to the weight of the vehicles that shall pass over the driveway.

2. The Size and Layout of the Driveway

This is a bit obvious, isn’t it? As one would expect, the cost of the entire resin bound driveway installation process is dependent on the size of the driveway. The size refers to both the length and the width of the area on which the drive will be installed.

Both these factors determine the amount of material that will be used for the entire process and is perhaps the biggest determinant of the project cost. The layout refers to things such as bends and bumps which determine the shape of the driveway. These too, impact the amount of materials, and therefore the cost of the project.

3. The existing surface upon which the resin driveway will be laid

Ideally, a resin bound driveway should be laid on a concrete or tarmac surface. Therefore, the preparation process might involve making such a surface where none exists or repairing the existing one for the installation process. The cost implications of this process are determined by whether or not such a surface already exists and the level of disrepair it is in where one exists.

4. Labour and Transport Costs

Beyond assembling the construction material, the second and third most costly parts of the resin driveway installation process are the labor and transport costs respectively. Transporting the material from the source points is sometimes a costly affair, although most suppliers offer transportation subsidies for clients that buy in bulk. It is important to keep your laborers well paid and catered for if you wish to get the best results.

So, there you have it. These are just some of the factors that will determine how much you will spend on your resin bound driveway. Make sure to contact professionals for cost valuation before starting out on your project.